Candidate Selection Board

The CSB is responsible for assessing candidates to see that they meet our criteria and readiness for treatment.

Timothy Endy, MD, MPH

"As a clinical Infectious Disease specialist and researcher. I have been touched by our substance use disorder epidemic in several meaningful ways. The first by caring for patients in the hospital who have had devastating and traumatic infections as a result of their addiction. The second is with our own son's struggles with addiction. The power of my son's recovery has created my passion for helping others with substance use disorder who lack the resources to obtain help."

Anne Glenny, MS

"My experience with Substance Use Disorder taught me how difficult it can be to work through the maze of finding affordable, quality rehabilitation programs. I am dedicated to helping those who otherwise could not afford treatment find the freedom and peace that comes with recovery."

Theresa Baxter, NP

"As a Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in Pain Management and Addiction, I believe that addiction must be regarded as all other chronic medical conditions - with long-term, comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment. Like many others, I have been personally and professionally affected by this disease and want to reduce suffering and improve life through the changes that long-term recovery can offer."

Dan McMahon


“I struggled with addiction for more than 15 years. I volunteer for R2RCNY because they believed in me, when I didn't believe in myself. Today, with my newfound happiness, I find purpose in giving back and helping people who are lost like I once was. ”

Michael Hall

Danielle Labosette

Jeff Bame, Jr.