Dear Darlene and Anne,

Hey this is the last letter I’m sending, from now on we can communicate via phone & text like regular people J. I can’t tell you how happy and grateful I am to R2R. This program has saved my life, given me the tools I need to show up the way I’m supposed to. I am a work in progress and will continue to work hard to remain sober and responsible. I hope you understand that I am willing to go to any length for R2R just as staying sober. My life has improved ten fold along with my health. I’m in the best physical shape of my life and my mind is crystal clear. I see nothing but positive horizons ahead. I know I’m gonna have struggles however after struggling through this process, detox, rehab, and my terrible life before that any challenge that I face is a mole hill compared to the mountain climb I faced before and the constant avalanches that kept me buried. R2R was the lifeline that pulled me out of that chaos and the work you perform is amazing. I have a life ahead of me that I know is going to be lived to the fullest. I plan on staying in Austin and making it my permanent home. Thank you for the support of sober living for 90 days. I will be responsible at saving money to get ahead. I’m excited to be with all my brothers in recovery. These are my new true friends. Something I’ve never truly experienced. I will call you Monday the 23rdwhen I get to Udom. Thanks so much Darlene you and Anne are my guardian angels. Continue doing God’s work and I’ll do the same.

Yours truly,

Zack P

P.S. Tell everyone that volunteers that they have saved another life! And I’m so thankful.

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